Adult Dog Classes

Companion Dog Training Class

Leading to a bronze award this 6 week course looks at the needs of you and your dog as a family unit and what you need to know to live together peacefully.   Course price is £50.

Exercises include

  • Pay attention to your name
  • Sit when asked
  • Walk nicely on a lead
  • Behave when walking around other dogs and people
  • Wait at the door or gate
  • Settle 
  • Wait where I left you
  • Come back when called
  • Handling and grooming

The course runs on a Friday at 8.30pm
Companion dog advanced

Friday night is dedicated to building your relationship and skills with your dog.  Some off lead play is allowed.  Price is £5 a session.

Dogs attending the Pet Dog Plus will be working towards their gold level awards and will need to have a minimum of a GDTS bronze award or equivalent.  Exercises vary each week depending on the needs of the dogs and handlers.  Due to the off lead play dogs need to be sociable with others.

This class is not a course and dogs can attend as soon as they have completed the Companion Dog Training Class.

This class is on a Friday at 6.30pm
Pawsitive Ringcraft

On a Wednesday evening we hold ring craft classes aimed at those who both want to do fun companion dog shows and those who aims are higher.

The class ethos is to do ring craft with  positive training, clickers are welcome but harsh handling isn't